A few quick things about me. I may, or may not, get around to filling this out a little more some day. So what’s this blog all about? Basically for my own learning purposes of hosting my own website and the things that go along with that. Although I do hope that eventually some of the future posts I make will help others out. There are a few things I have tried to do sometimes successfully and sometimes not so much and I hope to make those things a little easier for others. There are a few things I have tried to do that I had a very hard time finding help guides, or tutorials on.

Here’s a little about me. I currently work full time as a paramedic in a small town in South Dakota. I also work a 2nd full time job as a paramedic in another small town in North Dakota. I’m originally from South Dakota and that is where I still live. I got my paramedic license in February 2012, but have been in EMS since June 2007. In my off time I like to learn new things in regards to technology and software and other things like that and that is where my homelab comes into play and is a hobby of mine. I’m also a pretty big gamer, but I don’t game nearly as much as I used to.

I think that is a good enough about me. Maybe I’ll get around to updating this more some day.